Programmatic Support

We provide technical and administrative program services in areas such as analysis, performance measurements, technology evaluations, and integration support.

When ProVets assists our clients with their program needs, this allows limited Federal staff to reduce the time it takes and increase the scale of their impact in serving the American people and fulfilling their agency mission. We provide assistance and expertise in support of specialized programs.

Project Management and Delivery Oversight

ProVets assists government agencies in monitoring projects and milestones, creating performance dashboards, and advising on critical “go/no-go” project decisions.

We provide quality assurance to government clients that contract deliverables meet requirements and industry standards.

Advisory and Consulting

Provide advice and strategic planning support to government and contractors to improve efficiency and maximize impact in fulfilling agency missions.

Provide specialized staffing to fill gaps within the business operations and technical project support areas to achieve agency program goals.

Strategic Development and Data Analysis

Analyze existing budget data to identify potential gaps and prepare recommendations to address these gaps.

Independent Cost and Project Estimating/Evaluation

Develop independent, third-party detailed facility and infrastructure construction cost estimates.

Establish and apply earned value management and other performance management principles to evaluate cost, schedule and scope.

Evaluate risks and develop risk management strategies for building new facilities or adopting new technologies.

Formulate performance metrics for new projects or technology that measure attributes such as cost savings, energy efficiency, carbon avoidance, reliability, and resiliency.

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