Contracting Support and Financial Assistance Support

ProVets has a wealth of experience operating in all aspects of contracting support.

We understand the importance of  quality contract solutions that will meet the government requirements. Knowing that communication is vital, we work continuously to ensure everyone involved is working together to ensure contract performance success.

Our approach to contracting support includes:

Requirements Development

Develop requirements for contract deliverables and financial assistance agreement that meet the mission and vision for scope of work.

Acquisition Strategy and Solicitation Development

Provide acquisition management and strategy that meets the requirement and its timeline to best execute the agency's mission.

Source Selection Through Contract Award

Use a source selection or merit review process to determine the contractor which best aligns with the clients' needs.

Cost and trade-off analysis

Determine the effective use of cost and time for deliverables to maximize efficiency within budget.

Post Contract Award and Contract Management

After a contract has been awarded, ProVets will provide compliance, follow-up, administration activities, and the overall management of the contract between the client and contractor.

Contract Closeout

Finalize the contract between the client and contractor upon completion of all deliverables - including administration, settled disputes, and final payment.

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