Dhavid Cayanan

Building a trusted, respected, and reliable company has been a process of consistent refinement

ProVets is a culmination of Dhavid’s life experience from both successes and failures and his belief in the American Dream!

Dhavid Cayanan is a service-oriented and mission-driven individual who served in the U.S. Air Force for ten years. He hit the ground running when the tragedy of 9/11 transpired. He supported major military deployments as a Financial Manager, ensuring the financial matters of airmen and soldiers were in order prior to deployment overseas. In 2003, he was accepted into the Contracting career field. A few years later, he deployed to Afghanistan as a Contracting Officer with the 101st Airborne Division in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. He was in charge of providing Forward Operating Base life support to thousands of warfighters and civilian personnel. After his military career, he continued his service as a public servant and provided contracting support to the Walter Reed Army Medical Center and Ft. Belvoir Community Hospital. As a Contracting Officer, he led the effort to provide contracting support to the Office of the Secretary of Defense and the Pentagon Force Protection Agency.

When he stepped away from the public sector, his vision was to continue to serve the American People through government support. With his experience and understanding of the public sector’s mission, ProVets was born not only to provide meaningful and quality support that will bridge the gap between industry expertise and the government’s mission, but also to create opportunities for others!

“Growing up in the Philippines at a nearby U.S. military installation, the Americans were my heroes, and still are! I looked up to them and knew the Americans were there to keep us safe and provide job opportunities to the Filipinos. Coming to the United States of America was a definite goal. It was an honor to serve alongside my heroes and walk amongst the giants. I want to support our government, which ultimately works for the American People, and provide opportunities to others. Painful experiences and challenges come to us all, but through these opportunities we build our character and regrow. With commitment and consistency, we can all live the life we want. That’s the American Dream!”

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